Moving Checklist

Moving can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. There is a lot to remember when planning your move, but with some organization your experience can be a lot less stressful.

A Few Weeks Prior to Moving

  1. Arrange your moving day well in advance – When booking a truck or hiring a moving company, it’s often worth comparing several estimates. Your Royal LePage agent can provide you with some referrals for local and national movers. 
  2. Re- direct your essential services to your new home; arrange to have services such as gas, electricity, and cable TV to be connected on the day the sale closes.
  3. At your current home, arrange to have your gas, water, and electricity meters read on the day you leave and have the bills forwarded to your new address. If necessary, water heater and furnace rental agreements should to be transferred to the purchaser.
  4. Update your contact information and provide a forwarding address for schools, work, and services such as banks or insurance companies
  5. Also, don’t forget to make arrangements for pet or baby sitters for the day of the move.

Days Prior to Moving

  1. Gather all important personal, medical and insurance documents and keep them separate from other moving items
  2. Pack valuables and any personal items that you will require in the interim of your house being unpacked.
  3. Make sure to pack and label items by a theme, such as kitchen or bathroom, so you can easily get organized when unpacking

Day of the Move

  1. If you are using a moving company make a list of all items to be moved and compare it to the movers to make sure you agree on contents to be delivered
  2. Check all shelves, closets and cupboards for any items that may have been left behind

After the Move

  1. Apply for a new drivers license, health card or other items that require an up to date address
  2. Register your car at your new address. Your insurance company will have a limited time grace period so make sure you register before the deadline
  3. Check open and closing hours of stores and services in your new neighborhood. This will help you feel settled earlier

Moving can be difficult, but with careful planning your move can go smoothly so that you can start enjoying your new home right away.

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